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Nugget to Nom on: Christ’s Love


Answer: No.


Sometimes I feel that I’ve been too complacent or I haven’t done enough for Christ’s love. In yoga, I frequently set my intention as grace. I have to spend a whole hour each day reminding myself that since God gave me grace, I should give myself grace. I can’t even separate myself from the love of Christ! PRAISE!


I’ve been praying daily for Houston. Not just for those who have lost everything in the floods/storm, but also the first responders and healthcare professionals. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t stop working until all the problems are solved. I appreciate that my job has clear start and end times with 24 hour service and I can pass off problems to the oncoming pharmacist. I think a lot of us in health care are this way. So I know there are many weary nurses, doctors, pharmacists, etc. Just know, you’re doing good work and saving/changing lives.


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Nugget to Nom on: In Our Midst


This past Sunday was Mother’s Day. While my mother isn’t around for me to lavishly shower in praise and gifts, I can still praise the mother that she was. She was a loving friend, a bright smile, and excessive hugger, and a fun mom. She made such good friends, that they’re still motherly figures in my life. This Zephaniah verse was one of her favorites.


On a day that I could feel so alone, God is in my midst. From heaven, they are both rejoicing, loving, and singing to me. What a picture.


Thank you to all the moms out there!

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Nugget to Nom on: Source


We blew a fuse at my house yesterday. I’ve tried every switch in the fuse box, but some of the outlets still don’t work. It’s frustrating trying to find the source.


I’ve got a source in strength and I don’t need to search high and low. God’s right there to start the conversation. He is a source of power, strength, kindness, mercy, patience….the list goes on.


Are you searching for a source? Have you asked God?

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Nugget to Nom on: Easter


How do you read the Bible most often? I use the YouVersion App on my phone. It has a verse of the day, and yesterday, it nailed (no pun intended) the verse of the day.


This verse, bring Easter all into perspective for me. Someone, who was sinless, died for me. Jesus died in one of the worst and slowest possible ways for me.


He’s the only one who’s died for me. No one else would do that.


And then Jesus rose to take his spot next to God (not included in this verse, but still true).


What verse/chapter makes you really think about Good Friday and Easter?


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Nugget to Nom on: Good


I get why schools and church, when I was growing up, required you, or gave you extra credit to volunteer. Most of our lives are spent thinking about ourselves. Volunteering and doing good is something that’s learned. If you create a habit, it will stick later in life.


I have really slacked off in this area of my life lately. In a way, you could say that I did give up when I couldn’t actively see the results. I allowed other things to occupy my time and pushed out the good. How will I be able to show God’s love, grace, and mercy to others if I don’t even give myself the opportunity? This week, I am going to reevaluate my schedule.


What activities do you do for good? Do you do them with God at the center?


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Nugget to Nom on: Others


I feel like, when I’m at work, I tend to look out only for myself. I want myself to look good in front of the bosses. I want to make sure my work is commended and other people to know it. I want other people to know that the groundbreaking intervention, was mine. This does not reflect the heart of God.


It’s not just thinking of others before yourself. It’s being humble enough to consider them more SIGNIFICANT than yourself.


This past weekend, my friends and I participated in this 24 hour epic scavenger hunt called Questival (recap to come next week). Being a team was a huge part of completing the challenges and to the experience itself.


I learned to listen to my teammates and helped accomplish their vision. 24 hours is a marathon. One person can’t carry the whole team. We all leaned on each other. I need to carry this lesson with me to work.


How are you counting others more significant than yourself this week?



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Nugget to Nom on: Grace


The thing about social media is it doesn’t let you forget what happened in the past. If it’s on the internet, it’s there for forever (or at least the forever we can see). This week, Facebook memories reminded me of a sweet soul we lost 2 years ago, Kara Tippetts.


I didn’t know Kara personally, only through her blog. This woman understood grace. Her words struck a strong chord with me even when her body was fading. I started understanding what God’s grace meant and that I needed to give grace to myself.


God saved me and I did nothing to deserve it. He forgave me. He made me ALIVE.

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Nugget to Nom on: Love


The verse before says this (1 John 3:17), “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?”


We live in a world and society that is quick to admit to love. I love tacos. I love that top on you. I would love to get lunch. I love long walk on the beach. I love spring…you get the point. So when someone tells me they love me, I hear them, and appreciate it, but my first thought is they don’t mean it.


But those who truly show that they love me through deed and truth. Their actions show they truly care, a random call or a gift. They speak truth in my life and aren’t afraid to call out my heart. These people really love me.


How are you loving others today?

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Nugget to Nom on: Rest


I don’t sleep a lot. I’ve been trying to work on that. I average about 7 hours, which is up from previous years (4-6 hours). But I know I’m exhausted. My body’s been trying to tell me for years.


I do have some days where I get >8 hrs of sleep. But I am still tired spiritually. We all hurt each other in many ways throughout the day. And part of it is my unbelief that I can truly rest in God. But God tells us so many times that we can rest in him.
Why are we refusing rest?

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Nugget to Nom on: Forgiveness


Do you ever feel like there are certain sermons or bible study lessons that were meant just for you? Not to say I’m special or anything, but my bible study has been reading Fervent by Priscilla Shirer and this last week’s lesson on “Hurt” struck a chord with me.


At some point, I started buying into the lie that the enemy was telling me, “Tiffany, you’re innocent, you don’t hurt anyone.” I buried the fact that I do hurt others with my words and actions. I bought into the lie that I harbor no resentment towards others and this affects my reactions to them on a daily basis.


This has got to stop.


So I’m recognizing my problem of resentment and bitterness. And asking God to show me how to properly forgive…and then comfort?! We’ve got a lot of work to do.


Is there a hurt you’re holding on to?