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Nugget to Nom on: Grace


The thing about social media is it doesn’t let you forget what happened in the past. If it’s on the internet, it’s there for forever (or at least the forever we can see). This week, Facebook memories reminded me of a sweet soul we lost 2 years ago, Kara Tippetts.


I didn’t know Kara personally, only through her blog. This woman understood grace. Her words struck a strong chord with me even when her body was fading. I started understanding what God’s grace meant and that I needed to give grace to myself.


God saved me and I did nothing to deserve it. He forgave me. He made me ALIVE.


3 Tips for a Successful Party


I love hosting parties. The more obscure the theme, the better. It’s one of the reasons why I loved sorority life. As an adult, there’s a gap between calling it a party when someone brings over chips and dip and a candlelit dinner party. Neither are wrong.


3 Tips for a Successful Party


Choose a Theme.

Even if it’s a soft theme, like “Chili Night”. It streamlines your vision and gives people parameters to contribute if they want.


Choose your guests wisely.

I have a hard time not inviting everyone. I’m an inviter, that’s what I do. I secretly hope most people will just tell me they’re busy. But I’ve realized, I’m friends with a lot of people that can’t say, “No”.


I’ve resolved to have a maximum of 2 parties a year with >20 people. It’s a lot harder to manage and host. These parties leaves me exhausted. The magic number is around 10 people. It gives me time to work on the little details of the party while making sure everyone feels included.


I’m still working on this one, but you have to have fun at your own party as well!


Don’t be afraid to play with your space.

I know you like your furniture in a certain orientation. But when I figured out I could rearrange my furniture in my living room, it opened up a new flow to the room.


…along the same lines


Figure out a way to move people away from the kitchen. I know people want to be close to the food, but honestly, the living room is so much more comfortable.

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Nugget to Nom on: Love


The verse before says this (1 John 3:17), “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?”


We live in a world and society that is quick to admit to love. I love tacos. I love that top on you. I would love to get lunch. I love long walk on the beach. I love spring…you get the point. So when someone tells me they love me, I hear them, and appreciate it, but my first thought is they don’t mean it.


But those who truly show that they love me through deed and truth. Their actions show they truly care, a random call or a gift. They speak truth in my life and aren’t afraid to call out my heart. These people really love me.


How are you loving others today?


Plantar Fasciitis Part 1


Have you ever been running and you start to feel stabbing pain on the bottom of your feet whenever you take another step? Does it feel like your shoes don’t really fit? You might have plantar fasciitis, or inflammation of your plantar fascia.


Freeze, before you start a GoFundMe, it’s very common.


This weekend, I was unable to run my favorite 5K, Run Jen Run benefitting Go Jen Go. Go Jen Go is a local Charlotte charity that provides monetary support to breast cancer patients. It’s a real way to impact the women around me in this city.

This 5K usually kicks of the running season for me. It gets a little warmer outside and days a little longer. This year was the exception to everything. It was getting painful to just stand and walk at work. So I knew I needed to rest. I still walked the race with a friend and it was a fun way to fit in a little exercise on a crisp March morning. The Sunday after the race, it snowed (…and then melted a few hours later #NCSpring).


So here are a few of the methods I found to self treat.


  1. The old trusty tennis ball trick.
  2. Grab a paper/plastic party cup and freeze water in it. Roll it under your foot, just like the tennis ball.
  3. Rolling out your calf when your foot is relaxed and flexed.
  4. Resting your feet and providing arch support during the day. I got these compression socks to help.
  5. Stretching before working out.


Number 5 is probably where I went wrong. Millennials, always on the go. Your body makes you pay. Take time to stretch, and maybe take that deep stretch yoga class instead of flow one day. It’ll do your mind and body good.


Beyond these tips, you will have to see a physical therapist or a doctor for other interventions.
Do you have plantar fasciitis? How did you self treat? I’ll update later to let you know how these methods worked!

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Nugget to Nom on: Rest


I don’t sleep a lot. I’ve been trying to work on that. I average about 7 hours, which is up from previous years (4-6 hours). But I know I’m exhausted. My body’s been trying to tell me for years.


I do have some days where I get >8 hrs of sleep. But I am still tired spiritually. We all hurt each other in many ways throughout the day. And part of it is my unbelief that I can truly rest in God. But God tells us so many times that we can rest in him.
Why are we refusing rest?


Rome in a Day


Prego! Country of beautiful history, food, and people! Last month, I went to Italy with my friend Danielle. As usual, our itinerary was jam packed. Here’s how we did Rome in a Day (ish).


We flew in Monday afternoon, and it was rainy. We took the Leonardo Express which is the 30 min express from the airport (FCO) to the center of Rome. When we arrived at Termini station, and because we were tired from traveling all day, we took a taxi to our hotel. On a scale of 1 to Morocco, the streets were about a 7 to navigate. Google maps is not very helpful to navigate the streets of Italy. A map with landmarks (that the hotel gives you) is much more helpful.


We stayed at Hotel Smeraldo, which was a fantastic location! Close to the Pantheon neighborhood and Trastavere. We were able to walk to most places.


Ancient Rome: We were going to explore ancient Rome (Colosseum, Palantine Hill, Roman Forum, etc.)  that afternoon, but due to the weather and the fact that it was off-season, most of the attractions were already closed (they close at dusk).



Trastevere: This is neighborhood across the Tiber River. There were adorable shops and small restaurants. I learned that Romans do not eat dinner until earliest, 8PM. We were starving at 7PM, but we found a restaurant that was open (Papa Re), and yes, it was packed with tourists. But I haven’t met a pizza I didn’t like, especially an true Italian pizza.

Colosseum: The next day we rose early to see the Colosseum. We did a quick run through and took all the pictures.

Rome Free Walking Tour: We took the metro to the Spanish Steps and met up with our guide. It was also fun to meet people from all over the world in the tour group. We walked around the area near the steps and the Pantheon. He was very informational and gave us a little insight to Roman life, then and now. We saw a lot in a short period of time.

Vatican: We bought our tickets online to save time. Ignore all the “tour guides” outside who want to take you through the museum. You can go any time during the day, even if you bought your ticket for a certain time. The Vatican Museum is overwhelming and exhausting. We were winding through room after room of art I knew was priceless and I was trying to capture everything to remember later. But then, I finally arrived at the Sistine Chapel. I just stood there, staring up, in awe.

Even if you’re on a time crunch, take some time to take in how well preserved, clear, and seemingly impossible to paint this fresco is by Michelangelo.

St. Peter’s Basilica: You will have to go through security, even to climb the duomo, which backs up the line to get in. Bring cash to pay the entrance fee. The climb up the stairs is not an easy climb. I truly thought at the beginning of the trip, I’d be able to climb all the domes in Italy (Ha). To save time, we paid extra to go up part of the way on the elevator, and continued up the 200+ steps to see the view of Rome from the Basilica.

Pasta making with Francesca via BonAppetour: We ended the night learning how to make pasta with Francesca in her home. Explore the website for eating adventures to personalized cooking classes. She was hilarious and very welcoming. We made orecchiette alle cime di rapa, tornnarelli alla carbonara, and tiramisu.


Gelato: We topped off the night with gelato (I know, we ate more?!) at Venci.

…and then passed out back at the hotel.

It is possible to see a lot of Rome in a day! You probably won’t see it all. Make a list and prioritize what you want to see. A tour is helpful so you don’t have to plan a couple of hours, but tour burn-out is real.



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Nugget to Nom on: Forgiveness


Do you ever feel like there are certain sermons or bible study lessons that were meant just for you? Not to say I’m special or anything, but my bible study has been reading Fervent by Priscilla Shirer and this last week’s lesson on “Hurt” struck a chord with me.


At some point, I started buying into the lie that the enemy was telling me, “Tiffany, you’re innocent, you don’t hurt anyone.” I buried the fact that I do hurt others with my words and actions. I bought into the lie that I harbor no resentment towards others and this affects my reactions to them on a daily basis.


This has got to stop.


So I’m recognizing my problem of resentment and bitterness. And asking God to show me how to properly forgive…and then comfort?! We’ve got a lot of work to do.


Is there a hurt you’re holding on to?

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Nutella Latte

One of the things I loved about Italy was how cheap the cappuccinos and espressos were at cafes. Well, when you drank it at the counter (the sitting fee is no joke). While, I know I will never be able to make coffee quite like they did, I sure can try. I typically drink my daily french press coffee black, but #TreatYoSelf.


Enter in the nutella latte.


  1. Lattes are delish and some what nutrish? Maybe, for those of us who don’t drink milk unless it’s with our coffee it could be nutritious…maybe not.
  2. Nutella.


FACT:  You CANNOT carry nutella onto a plane. Nutella is a semi-solid aka a liquid to TSA. When my sister and I were coming back from Paris, we tried to carry on our huge vat of nutella (snacking and safety purposes). Security made us throw it all away. It was one of my top 10 saddest days ever. So unless you want your heart broken, check your nutella.


Here’s the recipe I used.

Ingredients: Espresso, soy milk, nutella.

It takes about 28 minutes for the espresso to brew in this espresso maker. (I timed it on medium heat.)

I tried both 1 spoon and 2 spoonfuls of nutella. Ok, I personally didn’t, because I do want to sleep tonight. But the 1 spoon only had a hint of nutella and the 2 spoonfuls ended up being a little too much. So the perfect amount is 1.5 spoonfuls.

Your milk can be almond, soy, coconut, or real milk (what is that…).

Here’s the frother I used.


Happy caffeinating!


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Nugget to Nom on: Stain


I currently have 5 million tabs open in my browser to answer, “Lipstick washed and dried with laundry…help”. I think with a combination of Shout and Oxiclean, I’ve gotten most of the stains out now. There’s still a little residual stain that’s not really noticeable unless you look harder.


The Bible often uses the metaphor of washing away sin (1 John 1:7) when Jesus died on the cross. We’ve been made new. Our slate is clean.


But sin isn’t done with us. We don’t magically stop sinning. It’s not every day dirt that washes off in one cycle. It’s a lipstick stain that you have to soak, spray, and work to get it out.


Thank goodness Christ lives in me. We work together on my sin. Every day, he makes it possible to be made new. Sin doesn’t get to stick around.