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Nugget to Nom on: Christ’s Love


Answer: No.


Sometimes I feel that I’ve been too complacent or I haven’t done enough for Christ’s love. In yoga, I frequently set my intention as grace. I have to spend a whole hour each day reminding myself that since God gave me grace, I should give myself grace. I can’t even separate myself from the love of Christ! PRAISE!


I’ve been praying daily for Houston. Not just for those who have lost everything in the floods/storm, but also the first responders and healthcare professionals. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t stop working until all the problems are solved. I appreciate that my job has clear start and end times with 24 hour service and I can pass off problems to the oncoming pharmacist. I think a lot of us in health care are this way. So I know there are many weary nurses, doctors, pharmacists, etc. Just know, you’re doing good work and saving/changing lives.



30 Things That Got Me To 30


This year started out 14,000 ft. above sea level on the mountain top of Mt. Bierdstadt and ended with a blackout (ok, 98%) solar eclipse.


Just to review, here are the 30 things that got me to 30.


  1. Just show up.
  2. Good food is meant to be shared.
  3. God gave me a sister that’s totally different than me to challenge me and help me see the world in another way.
  4. Pay attention to the little things.
  5. Eat your fruits and veggies.
  6. Don’t hide the mess, we all have them.
  7. Do what makes you happy.
  8. Be kind.
  9. Get out of your comfort zone.
  10. Laugh often.
  11. Let yourself feel.
  12. Find your people.
  13. Be generous.
  14. Bring people together with food.
  15. Organization will make your life easier, but disorganization can leave you gems.
  16. Celebrate everything.
  17. Be the kind of person your friends would kill for.
  18. Rest doesn’t mean you’re lazy.
  19. Be fearless.
  20. Don’t exercise to be healthy, do it because you love to live.
  21. Local is always better.
  22. Wake up to watch the occasional sunrise, just because.
  23. Stand up for what you believe in.
  24. Even when there are no words, prayer is always there.
  25. Make good work friends, it’ll seem less like work.
  26. Travel often and bring a buddy.
  27. Go out of your way for someone.
  28. Share your love and light for life.
  29. Family is forever.
  30. God can change everything.


But there are also some things I can’t put into words. Like how much my friends mean to me, especially my friends that are family. Hard things happen people, make no mistake. Let’s have coffee or a drink if you want to talk about it. But it’s the experiences and the joy that comes in every moment of being alive and sharing my life with y’all that makes me definitely want to be here for 30+ more years.


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Nugget to Nom on: In Our Midst


This past Sunday was Mother’s Day. While my mother isn’t around for me to lavishly shower in praise and gifts, I can still praise the mother that she was. She was a loving friend, a bright smile, and excessive hugger, and a fun mom. She made such good friends, that they’re still motherly figures in my life. This Zephaniah verse was one of her favorites.


On a day that I could feel so alone, God is in my midst. From heaven, they are both rejoicing, loving, and singing to me. What a picture.


Thank you to all the moms out there!

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Things I Learned While Traveling Alone (Part 1)

I hate traveling alone. Correction, I hate experiencing life alone. I enjoy journeying alone, if I am meeting up with someone. (Is this a description of my overall life? Maybe.)

A couple of weeks ago, I went to London to see this sweet baby, OJ. I couldn’t wait to meet her. She and her parents live in the UK, so an 8 hour flight from Charlotte, NC separate us. It’s hard to just pop over and meet her.


Yes, it’s easier to travel to the UK because they speak English (probably more fluently than we do). But there’s something exhilarating about being able to make my way around the city even if I am following directions.


It’s uncomfortable being alone, but there’s also so much peace.


Too often, when I’m traveling with someone else, I’m focused on whether or not they’re having fun. Seriously, I want everyone to have the time of their life. I am mostly uncomfortable traveling alone because I like to share. I invite people to events; I invite people into my life. I need someone to experience eating the best burger with me. Social media tricks us into thinking that everyone is seeing/following what we are doing every second of the day. But that’s just on the surface; they’re not really there.


So where’s the peace?

Alone, on a train, my thoughts can stream anywhere they want while the natural scenes of streams and skyscrapers flow by. I am free to think anything I want, with only judgement from myself. Yes, I judge myself quite harshly, but here, I’ve found grace. Forgiveness when I don’t deserve it.


And here we are, the part where I get to share with you.

What have you learned while traveling alone?

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Nugget to Nom on: Source


We blew a fuse at my house yesterday. I’ve tried every switch in the fuse box, but some of the outlets still don’t work. It’s frustrating trying to find the source.


I’ve got a source in strength and I don’t need to search high and low. God’s right there to start the conversation. He is a source of power, strength, kindness, mercy, patience….the list goes on.


Are you searching for a source? Have you asked God?

Noms to Oms

Noms to Oms: Flourless Chocolate Cake


CorePower Yoga just opened by my house. There are several ways to guarantee I will be obsessed with what you’re offering: Offer an exclusive membership, remember my name, and bring joy to my life. They’ve been open less than 2 weeks and I plan on being a lifetime member.


This obsession also allows for me to eat this addicting flourless chocolate cake from Gimme Some Oven.


It’s so rich and easy to make, perfect for gatherings of people with a sweet tooth and gluten intolerances. You’re only excluding vegans and people who don’t like chocolate (I like you alot if you don’t want to eat this cake and I’m still friends with you).


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Tiff Tips


  • I use Pound Plus Trader Joe’s chocolate – 60% dark chocolate, 40% milk chocolate (you can play around with the ratio depending on your audience).
  • Always keep it in the fridge and take it out right before you serve it because it’ll lose it’s shape and firm texture. You can also freeze it if you’re making it ahead of time.
  • Share. I dare you to eat the whole thing, but I would guess it’s impossible. Bring some joy into the lives of your neighbors and coworkers.


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Nugget to Nom on: Easter


How do you read the Bible most often? I use the YouVersion App on my phone. It has a verse of the day, and yesterday, it nailed (no pun intended) the verse of the day.


This verse, bring Easter all into perspective for me. Someone, who was sinless, died for me. Jesus died in one of the worst and slowest possible ways for me.


He’s the only one who’s died for me. No one else would do that.


And then Jesus rose to take his spot next to God (not included in this verse, but still true).


What verse/chapter makes you really think about Good Friday and Easter?



5 Reasons Why You Should Questival


Dream of conquering the world or just your fears? Questival is probably the activity for you.


I sent a group of my friends the email to join me, and to be honest, I didn’t think I would have to convince people to pay $40 (less if you sign up earlier) to forget about life and just adventure. Shout out to Travis, Emily, Stephen, and Bek for joining Team Donut Resuscitate. And no one judges you if you’re there for the backpack.



24 hours before it began, we were emailed the overwhelming challenge list of 241 tasks we could complete for points. The categories: Sports and fitness, community and culture, camping, food, adventure and quirky, service and environment, social media, hiking and travel, and check-in challenges. The hours leading up to start time, we strategized in a team, blew up each other’s text messages, and google became our best friend.


We drove in from Charlotte for The Triangle Questival. And we made it just in time for the llama dance. Yes, Cotopaxi’s mascot is a llama, and while it’s completely terrifying, it’s also hilarious and lovable, so just embrace it.



And from there, the 24 hour Questival countdown began. I tried new foods and mailed a sweet potato. In total, we completed 116 challenges and finished 121st out of 458 teams. We rocked it as a group, and we sorta slept. Yes, I camped, and I can’t say I’m going to do it again soon. Other participants judged our videos. We laughed until we hurt, and sometimes our muscles laughed at us.

While I can tell you all the things we did, these are the reasons I would do Questival again.


Creativity is everything.

My daily job doesn’t require a lot of creativity, unless you count justifying a vancomycin dose as creative (basically, it’s not, there’s math behind it…my wording might be creative). I’ve always envied marketing/advertising TV shows and how they volley back and forth to come up with a creative pitch. This was my opportunity and it was so fun to see how my friends’ brains worked and what ideas we could come up with together.


Being tired is a state of mind.

I’ve really been struggling with exhaustion (as some of you know). See also, my New Year’s Resolution (sleeping more). I’ve contemplated asking for medication. Y’all, adventure is so energizing.

Magical things happen when you’re all tired and and it’s time to rally.

As they say, we were too inspired to be tired.


Life is all about leaping.

Not every life decision can be carefully thought out. Sometimes it just takes saying yes to a friend. And yes, there’s the whole friend aspect. You choose your team of 2-6 and these are the people you commit 100% effort to for 24 hours. If we weren’t friends before, we’re friends forever now.


When you’re with friends, you’re already winning.

We obviously didn’t win, but we felt like we had won.




Find adventure every day.

Questival has #QuestivalDaily challenges. It reminds me that every day is adventure. Every day is another day to make a difference and create a legacy. It’s another day I’m alive. An adventure a day keeps the boring away.


So Cotopaxi has found a genius way to get people to rep their brand. Good for them. Good for us for finding a company that brings out to the good in people. The world needs more good.


Are you interested in participating in Questival? Just sign up and think about it later. Follow along on social media (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook) to participate in Questival daily challenges.


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Nugget to Nom on: Good


I get why schools and church, when I was growing up, required you, or gave you extra credit to volunteer. Most of our lives are spent thinking about ourselves. Volunteering and doing good is something that’s learned. If you create a habit, it will stick later in life.


I have really slacked off in this area of my life lately. In a way, you could say that I did give up when I couldn’t actively see the results. I allowed other things to occupy my time and pushed out the good. How will I be able to show God’s love, grace, and mercy to others if I don’t even give myself the opportunity? This week, I am going to reevaluate my schedule.


What activities do you do for good? Do you do them with God at the center?



Carolina Forever


I’m taking a break from our regularly scheduled posts to bask in the glory of my UNC Tar Heels winning ANOTHER National Championship. I know, you’re tired of hearing it, and while technically, I don’t care, I’ll leave you with this. Enter in your sports/school/dog/whatever of choice, and you’ll get it.


We don’t have to leave. We get to enjoy this one, buy the t-shirts, and then come back next October and do it all over again. We get to meet new Tar Heels, agonize and rejoice with them, cry after heartbreaks and celebrate after wins.

We get to do Carolina basketball tonight and tomorrow and next fall and forever, and we’ll get to tell stories about this year’s Tar Heels, who may have taken years off the end of our collective lives, but it was so, so worth it. We’ll get to remember where we were and who we were with and who we hugged.

Lucky us.

– Adam Lucas



Detroit – 2009 National Championship