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Nugget to Nom on: Christ’s Love


Answer: No.


Sometimes I feel that I’ve been too complacent or I haven’t done enough for Christ’s love. In yoga, I frequently set my intention as grace. I have to spend a whole hour each day reminding myself that since God gave me grace, I should give myself grace. I can’t even separate myself from the love of Christ! PRAISE!


I’ve been praying daily for Houston. Not just for those who have lost everything in the floods/storm, but also the first responders and healthcare professionals. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t stop working until all the problems are solved. I appreciate that my job has clear start and end times with 24 hour service and I can pass off problems to the oncoming pharmacist. I think a lot of us in health care are this way. So I know there are many weary nurses, doctors, pharmacists, etc. Just know, you’re doing good work and saving/changing lives.


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