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Things I Learned While Traveling Alone (Part 1)

I hate traveling alone. Correction, I hate experiencing life alone. I enjoy journeying alone, if I am meeting up with someone. (Is this a description of my overall life? Maybe.)

A couple of weeks ago, I went to London to see this sweet baby, OJ. I couldn’t wait to meet her. She and her parents live in the UK, so an 8 hour flight from Charlotte, NC separate us. It’s hard to just pop over and meet her.


Yes, it’s easier to travel to the UK because they speak English (probably more fluently than we do). But there’s something exhilarating about being able to make my way around the city even if I am following directions.


It’s uncomfortable being alone, but there’s also so much peace.


Too often, when I’m traveling with someone else, I’m focused on whether or not they’re having fun. Seriously, I want everyone to have the time of their life. I am mostly uncomfortable traveling alone because I like to share. I invite people to events; I invite people into my life. I need someone to experience eating the best burger with me. Social media tricks us into thinking that everyone is seeing/following what we are doing every second of the day. But that’s just on the surface; they’re not really there.


So where’s the peace?

Alone, on a train, my thoughts can stream anywhere they want while the natural scenes of streams and skyscrapers flow by. I am free to think anything I want, with only judgement from myself. Yes, I judge myself quite harshly, but here, I’ve found grace. Forgiveness when I don’t deserve it.


And here we are, the part where I get to share with you.

What have you learned while traveling alone?

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